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End-of-life &

Palliative Care

At Draycott Nursing, our team comprises highly trained and experienced palliative care professionals specialising in end-of-life care. Our nurses have the expertise to help manage pain and symptoms, provide emotional support, and ensure the comfort and dignity of the individual while they remain in their own home.


What does end-of-life care include?

End-of-life care covers a range of services that can be tailored to meet each person’s individual needs. This may include physical assistance such as providing pain management or helping with activities like dressing or bathing and emotional support for an individual, their family members and friends.

Additionally, end-of-life care may involve providing information about advanced directives so that individuals can make decisions about their medical treatment before they can no longer do so themselves.

The goal is to enable individuals to live as actively as possible while facing their condition and to make the best decisions regarding end-of-life plans when necessary.


End-of-life care with Draycott Nursing

At Draycott, we work closely with the client, their family and other healthcare professionals to formulate personalised care plans. These plans are regularly adjusted to ensure responsive care to the changing needs that palliative and end-of-life care can bring. Quality of life during this stage is incredibly important, and effective pain and symptom management is key. We collaborate with medical teams to ensure that medications and therapies are provided to alleviate pain and discomfort.

End-of-life care is an emotionally challenging time for both the patients and their families. Draycott Nursing acts as a central point of coordination between the patient, their family, and other healthcare professionals involved in their care. This approach helps alleviate stress and enables families to focus on spending quality time with their loved ones.

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End-of-life care case study – how we can make a difference

We had the privilege of assisting a family from a foreign nation, who faced immense challenges without access to a UK GP or mediquip services. Overwhelmed, they turned to us.

They were unsure of how to provide the specialised care their loved one needed but they were desperate in their desire to get their loved one home and out of hospital for their final weeks. Within 24 hours, we orchestrated a full micro-environment, sourcing the right equipment rapidly within the client’s London home, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing space for their final days

We assembled a full team of compassionate professionals to provide 24/7 end-of-life care. Their expertise and genuine concern for the client’s well-being became a source of comfort for the family, knowing their loved one was in the most capable hands.

We worked closely with the hospital they were in to ensure a seamless hand over and over the next few weeks the client’s condition improved slightly, meaning the client’s heartfelt wish of returning to their native country, surrounded by the love and warmth of their family was fulfilled and they died in the place they wished to return to.

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Draycott’s Care Coordinators are on hand to advise on a personalised care plan.

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