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Parkinson’s Care

at Home

Draycott Nursing provides customised support within one’s own home, empowering those with Parkinson’s to uphold their independence and quality of life.

Personalised solution for Parkinson’s care

Home nursing care offers a highly personalised and effective solution for individuals living with Parkinson’s disease. This progressive condition often leads to and presents as escalating physical and cognitive challenges, rendering everyday activities and self-care increasingly demanding.

Draycott Nursing provides customised support within the comforting environment of one’s own home, empowering those with Parkinson’s to uphold their independence and quality of life on their own terms.

Delivering the most appropriate care requires collaboration with experienced home care nurses and carers proficient in managing Parkinson’s disease. We diligently match the ideal caregiver with each individual’s specific needs, ensuring that care aligns with the unique challenges experienced.

Our goal is to enhance managing Parkinson’s, providing comfort and maximising quality of life.

Our individual approach to care

As experiences of Parkinson’s can significantly differ, a bespoke care plan is crucial. This approach necessitates a multidisciplinary effort and we often collaborate with other care professionals to facilitate a comprehensive care delivery plan.

We appreciate the transformative impact of a Parkinson’s diagnosis. Therefore, our bespoke care plans are centred on supporting and enabling individuals to maximise their quality of life, maintain independence and explore strategies to decelerate the disease’s progression. Our goal is to enhance the management of Parkinson’s, providing comfort and fulfilment in the familiar and reassuring confines of home and community.

Draycott’s Care Coordinators are on hand to advise on the best approach to your individual circumstances.

Please call +44 (0)20 7351 7171 or email enquiries@draycottnursing.co.uk.

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Bespoke Home Care

Tailored To Your Needs

If you, or those you care for, need private care or nursing at home, please do call. You will find a sympathetic ear and practical suggestions about how we can help you build a totally bespoke care plan.