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Home Care

Recovery from surgery can be a challenging experience, but with our exceptional post-operative care services, we can help facilitate comfort and convenience at home. We understand that every individual’s recovery is unique and we provide personalised, bespoke care to meet your specific needs, either within the comfort of your own home or at your hotel of choice.

An alternative to hospital recovery

Most of us want to get out of hospital as quickly as possible. Draycott’s post operative care service offers a smooth transition from hospital to home, including transportation from the hospital after your surgery, with our dedicated nurses by your side to accompany you home.

Our service enables you to stay at home and recover from surgery at your own pace. The advantage of choosing Draycott as an alternative to inpatient recovery in hospital, is that we provide a one-to-one service. Our home nurses are solely dedicated to supporting every aspect of your rehabilitation, liaising directly with your consultants and physiotherapists to offer you elevated care at home.

Our range of at-home post-operative care services

Our clinical post-operative care services are all delivered by registered nurses and include:

  1. Wound care: Skilled management of surgical incisions, dressings and wound healing to prevent infections and promote faster recovery.
  2. Intravenous administration and management of fluids and medications.
  3. Administration and management of enteral feeds via percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) and nasogastric (NG).
  4. Medication management: Timely administration of medications and monitoring of any potential side effects to ensure an efficient recovery.
  5. Physical assistance: Help with mobility, transfers, and exercises as prescribed by your healthcare professional, ensuring you regain strength and independence.
  6. Emotional support: Compassionate companionship, active listening, and encouragement to boost your emotional well-being throughout the recovery journey.
  7. Nutritional guidance: Expert advice on maintaining a healthy diet to support healing and provide optimal nourishment during the post-operative phase.


Post hip or knee surgery home care

If you’ve had a hip or knee replacement, or another type of orthopaedic surgery, our post operative care service can help you recover comfortably at home.

Your care plan for after hip or knee surgery

Our nursing team will carry out an assessment of your post-surgery needs and your home environment, creating a bespoke hip or knee surgery home care plan. We’ll check your medication and liaise with your Orthopaedic Consultants to support your recovery every step of the way.

We provide nurse-led clinical guidance, ensuring your hip or knee rehabilitation is professionally assessed and supported. This may include recommending the use of adaptive tools and equipment such as raised toilet seats, grab bars or dressing aids, to enhance independence.

Your care plan includes:

  • Communication of care – We work with Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Orthopaedic Consultants to ensure complete communication during your recovery.
  • Clinical care – Our home nurses can manage your medication including picking up prescriptions and provide meticulous wound care to minimise the risk of infection.
  • Follow-up appointments – Follow-up care is important, and our nurses help you get to follow-up hip or knee appointments. We can also arrange appointments to be made in the comfort of your own home, if preferred.
  • Mobility and rehabilitation – Exercises are crucial for a successful recovery process after a hip or knee replacement. Our home nursing team assists with prescribed exercises and provide guidance on gradual increases in activity to minimise complications.
  • Daily activitiesOur nurses and carers can support you with daily activities that may be more difficult following hip or knee surgery. We provide compassionate support for personal hygiene tasks, ensuring you feel comfortable and cared for. We also employ proper techniques for bed mobility, assist with meal preparation, and offer a personalised shopping service for groceries or essential items.

Our exclusive post operative care package – Seamless Transitions

If you’re looking for that extra touch and personalised support when recovering from surgery, we offer an exclusive care option. Learn more about our Seamless Transitions package.


Draycott’s Care Coordinators are on hand to advise on a personalised care plan.

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