Testimonials &

Case Studies

End-of-life support case study

We had the privilege of assisting a family from a foreign nation, who faced immense challenges without access to a UK GP or mediquip services. Overwhelmed, they turned to us.

They were unsure of how to provide the specialised care their loved one needed but they were desperate in their desire to get their loved one home and out of hospital for their final weeks. Within 24 hours, we orchestrated a full micro-environment, sourcing the right equipment rapidly within the client’s London home, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing space for their final days

We assembled a full team of compassionate professionals to provide 24/7 end-of-life care. Their expertise and genuine concern for the client’s well-being became a source of comfort for the family, knowing their loved one was in the most capable hands.

We worked closely with the hospital they were in to ensure a seamless hand over and over the next few weeks the client’s condition improved slightly, meaning the client’s heartfelt wish of returning to their native country, surrounded by the love and warmth of their family was fulfilled and they died in the place they wished to return to.

Dementia care support case study

When a client with early onset dementia was referred to us by their family living abroad, we embarked on a meaningful journey together.

Initially hesitant about care, we patiently worked to find the perfect carer who could build trust and understanding. Starting with just a few hours a week, we gradually progressed to 24/7 care as the disease advanced.

Our approach was truly person-centred and holistic. Collaborating closely with the client, their family, and their geriatric consultant, we developed a deep understanding of their preferences and priorities from the very onset of their diagnosis. As the disease progressed, we always tried our best to act served as true advocates, ensuring their best interests were always at the forefront.

Our efforts enabled this remarkable individual to live life to the fullest and remain in the cherished home they had built.  They were a true inspiration to us all. From accompanying them to concerts, galleries, and family weddings to assisting with daily activities like having a spray tan or visiting the hairdressers, we provided personalised care that preserved their sense of self.

The client’s family expressed profound gratitude, acknowledging that without our team at Draycott, their loved one could not have lived such a vibrant and active life for as long as they did. As healthcare providers, being part of such outcomes is a privilege and a source of immense fulfilment.

Home care testimonial

“When our father was ready to be discharged, after a six week stay in hospital, we were told that it may be best to look for a nursing home for him.  He was desperate to go home and be with our mother so we approached Draycott and from the very beginning we were so well supported by them that we felt confident to try to follow his wishes.

In the hospital he had been totally bedbound but even on his first day at home the carer was able to help him to transfer from bed to chair.  The rehabilitation team have commented that they couldn’t believe the transformation from their initial visit to their discharge review six weeks later, when he was able to walk a short way up the road using his sticks.  He had achieved and surpassed all his targets solely due to the magnificent efforts of the carers supporting, encouraging and, at times, cajoling him to do his exercises.  We really feel that this would not have happened if he had been in a nursing home, as he would not have had the skilled one-to-one attention which made this possible.

From the beginning both Draycott and the carers have been confident in dealing with the complicated medicine regime and have taken the lead in contacting the GP to raise medical issues when necessary, as well as liaising daily with the district nurses. They were very good at keeping us, the family, updated on any developments.

From the very beginning we were so well supported.

The individual carers were very friendly and easy to get on with but also unobtrusive, making it easy to build up a great relationship with them.  We never felt that they intruded on the home, but they have always been there instantly when needed.  They are flexible and keen to help with anything that has been asked of them, using their wide ranging knowledge and experience to provide excellent support to our father.  They have always shown a caring and considerate attitude towards personal care, maintaining our father’s sense of dignity and independence at all times.

We never expected to get such amazing support from a care agency, the phone was always answered very quickly, emails were always responded to.  Agnella always knew exactly who we were and all the details of our father’s case without having to take time to look things up, and appeared to take everything in her stride which helped us to deal with some very challenging and distressing situations with our father’s condition.

We cannot thank you enough for helping us through this very difficult time.”