Types of Nursing And Care

Each situation is different. A personal care programme may start with occasional visits to check on medication or cook meals and may then progress to 24 hour live-in care over a period of time or palliative care. Whatever the life stage of our clients we will provide consistent care and help while advising the individual and their family on the nature of care required as the situation evolves. We are very sensitive to the needs of the client and their loved ones and are on hand to offer support every step of the way.

Appointing the most suitable person, or people, for a long-term care relationship is our primary concern from the outset.  We work closely with your doctors, consultants and social services. Retaining a person’s sense of independence, peace of mind and security by remaining in familiar surroundings with a daily routine is proven to be beneficial in coping with many conditions.

We will do whatever we can to ensure companionship, comfort, self-esteem and dignity are maintained for as long as possible, for every person in our care whatever their circumstances.

Home Nursing

Home nursing is often required if medical assistance of any kind is necessary and exceeds that which a carer can do. For example, if you are able to go home from hospital, yet still need the expertise and medical services of a registered nurse. From dressing wounds, to giving insulin or antibiotic injections, along with a number of other medicalspecialities, our nurses are fully qualified to look after you in your own home. A further benefit of having a nurse tending to your needs at home is that it means that a further stay somewhere such as a nursing home is not necessary. We believe that the sooner you go back to your familiar surroundings, the better it is for your wellness all round. Our home nursing is a more comfortable solution and we have found that our clients and their loved ones are relieved to be able to have this option.

Our focus is on allowing you to continue to live your life as you wish. 

Home Care

Having care at home is an alternative option to residential care. Family and friends are able to visit you in the comfort of your own home with the added security that you are taken care of by a Draycott carer. Much like our nursing care, we are able to offer several options including one hour or several hours of care, overnight care (be it waking or sleeping nights) and live-in care.  Our carers follow your bespoke care plan, specifically tailored to your needs with an additional benefit of tasty home-cooked meals. Often the companionship and comfort of having a carer at home, is the best support one might need. While family and friends can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Draycott carers are on hand to offer continuous support to their loved ones in their own home.