Support for Relatives is FREE

Are you somebody’s full time Carer? Do you need to know more about 'caring' or 'how to care'? Do you feel lonely or isolated?

We know how bewildering and life changing it can be to care for people with certain conditions, and often with no knowledge or experience. This can happen when you are feeling vulnerable and alone, often in difficult situations.

Over the years while caring for people we have built relationships with our clients’ family and friends and we know that our help and advice has been invaluable. We also play an important role in supporting you, the Carer, to ensure you look after yourself in order to be able to care.

As a professional Carer and Nurse, founder Angela Hamlin, has introduced a lifeline in ‘Support for Relatives’. A series of free talks, demonstrations and lectures that provide information and coping strategies for carers. It is our way of giving something back.

The Support Days, Open Evenings and Talks are open to all relatives who are Carers, not only Draycott Nursing and Care clients. Relative’s input is welcome and suggestions can usually be incorporated into the sessions.

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  • Looking after you, the Carer
  • Planning for the future
  • Strategies for Coping
  • Moving and Handling Issues
  • Safety in the House
  • Meaningful Activities
  • Dementia - The Journey
  • Nourishment, Food and Fluids
  • Looking at Losses through Illness
  • Help with Finance and Legal Tips

Relative’s Feedback - Jan’s Story

"Dear Angela

Sorry to be so late in getting back to you to say thank you so much for the time and effort you and your team put into the day I spent with you on 25 July.

I know that, with all your personal experience, you do understand how very helpful it all was...which is probably why Draycott seems to be the only professional organisation offering this sort of advice.

From start to finish, it was all so useful - Sharron's tips on manual handling were particularly well received, given my recent back problems - but to have you and her talking about dementia and coping was such an eye-opener.  And whilst I've tried to keep up with nutrition issues, Caroline's suggestions were a useful reminder...smoothies every day!  Also, it was useful to meet with Val Knights who came a long way to talk to just 2 of us.

The day was also important for me because it gave me a chance to share some of my issues.  The carers we have for Mum are all brilliant and care for her so well and I know I can ask them for any help or advice - but sometimes you just don't realise how isolated you are becoming and don't really know what questions to I had a real opportunity to talk about what was on my mind and have now got a long list of 'useful numbers and contact details'

And how lovely to see Jean and Paula after all the times I've spoken to them on the phone. You really have a terrific team - in Chelsea and out and about. I can't sing your praises highly enough. So...if you ever wanted to set up an interview with a journalist, I'd be only too delighted.

In the meantime, heartfelt thanks to everyone at Draycott - and to you as the driving force behind everything."

Kind regards Jan Pester

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