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Two decades of specialised dementia care

For over 20 years, we have specialised in caring for individuals with dementia, supporting them to stay in a familiar and safe environment — their home. Our team understands the challenges and emotional toll dementia can have and we are committed to offering a compassionate and empathetic approach to aid individuals and their families throughout this journey.

Our registered dementia nurses and carers work closely with clients and families to create personalised care plans tailored to individual’s unique needs. These plans consider factors such as the stage of dementia, cognitive abilities, and physical health. We dedicate time to really get to know our clients, understanding their personal preferences and triggers. This enables us to better support individuals as their condition progresses, keeping alive the interests that have always inspired them, their cherished memories, and their connections with the people and places they hold most dear.


Person-centred, flexible care

First and foremost, we believe in the power of knowledge and education. We provide our carers with tailored training, enabling them to use effective communication techniques to manage challenging behaviours and provide suitable care.

As dementia progresses, the level of care needed may evolve. We recognise this need for flexibility and adapt our dementia care plans accordingly, ensuring ongoing training for our carers and support that matches the changing needs of our clients.

Our care plans are flexible and adapt to changing needs

Dementia can impact a person’s ability to perform daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating and remembering to take medication. Understanding these demands of daily life and the need for practical assistance, our carers ensure all individuals’ daily care needs are met, and can also help with other responsibilities like transportation, meal preparation, housekeeping and coordinating medical appointments. Promoting wellbeing and ensuring safety, through our individualised care plans we are able to honour clients’ personal preferences, styles and interests to help maintain their dignity.


Cognitive stimulation activities

Engaging the cognitive functions of individuals with dementia is an important aspect of care. Various cognitive stimulation activities, such as puzzles, games, memory exercises, and creative pursuits, are incorporated into our dementia care to help maintain cognitive abilities and promote brain health. With this, our dementia care programs focus on providing opportunities for social interaction and individuals can be supported by our carers in their community.


Comprehensive support for families

At Draycott we recognise that the families of dementia patients have unique needs and concerns, so we offer a range of services designed to address those needs, providing comprehensive dementia support.

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be emotionally overwhelming. We offer a safe and understanding environment, providing the support and respite required. Our goal is to ensure that our clients and their loved ones know they are not alone in this journey, and feel understood, cared for, and supported every step of the way.


Dementia care case study – how we can make a difference

Visit our testimonials page to read more about how we have helped individuals with dementia.


Draycott’s Care Coordinators are on hand to advise on a personalised care plan.

Please call +44 (0)20 7351 7171 or email enquiries@draycottnursing.co.uk

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