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How Homeshare Works

The Householder: provides a bedroom, and possibly bathroom, in their house for the Homesharer during the arrangement.

The Homesharer: In return the Homesharer spends 10 hours of their time each week with the Householder and stays in the house overnight. The Homesharer is free to work or study where they wish during the week and is able to arrange time off according to the agreement.

How it works?

The agreement between both owner and sharer is versatile and flexible.

The Homesharer’s time can be taken up with a variety of practical tasks from shopping, cooking, light cleaning and gardening, to visits to the doctor or trips to the theatre. The level of companionship is up to the individual; a chat first thing in the morning, watching a favourite television programme in the evening or just having someone in the house overnight to give the Householder a sense of security and peace of mind.

Once we have sensitively matched Householder and Homesharer we keep in touch with monthly phone calls to make sure that all continues to be satisfactory.

Homeshare is not a substitute for professional care 

Homesharers are NOT permitted to provide personal care. To be clear personal care includes; bathing, administering medication, assistance with dressing, feeding and lifting. These services are provided by Draycott Nursing and Care as required and outlined on the website under Nursing & Care at Home.

Homeshare was brilliant for my mother, and it seems to me to be a wonderful solution to many older people's needs for a bit of company and care, and many other people's need for somewhere comfortable to live.... it is a win/win arrangement, and made my mother's last five years great fun.”
Julia Neuberger, Baroness Neuberger DBE