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Cookery and Nutrition

Cookery and Nutrition

Draycott Nursing and Care has always been aware of the immensely important part that food plays in people's lives, and how providing nutritious, well presented meals are a core aspect of caring.

When Carers and Nurses join the agency they can all attend  the cooking classes which are provided by Julie Platania the Founder and Head Chef of Kitchen Secrets.

Draycott Nursing produced The Carers Cookbook  which contains a month of balanced meals and recipes. When Nurses and Carer's join the agency they all receive a copy of the cookbook.

We receive very positive feedback about this unique training which Draycott Nursing and Care provides.

Download sample recipes (pdf)

I know the carers kept my mother lively and talkative and feeling good. If she'd gone into a home, I have no doubt that she would not be with us now.”
Ms P