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News 2017

5th World Homeshare Congress

Draycott Homeshare was proud to attend the 5th World Homeshare Congress, organised by SOLIDARIOS  and sponsored by VIR laboratories and with the support of Madrid’s local government.

The theme of this congress was “Building bridges, expanding Homeshare” which highlights the need to bring awareness on an innovative and social initiative for it to reach a greater public and to serve as a bridge between generations and cultures.

 Draycott’s Managing Director, Angela Hamlin, and Homeshare Co-ordinator, Paula Dagger, amongst many other international attendees saw speakers from around the globe talk on various aspects of HomeShare and expansion. Notable speakers included: Malcolm Johnson, The President of HomeShare International, Claire and Régis De Kerautem of Brussels who started initiative 1toit2ages and Beris Campbell who hosted last year’s congress in Melbourne.

Both Draycott attendees also enjoyed and were moved by heart-warming stories of those whose lives had so greatly benefitted from the scheme. One attendee, Doreen, had never left the UK, or her hometown prior to attending the congress. The HomeShare scheme had enabled Doreen to travel beyond her expectations and enriched her life greatly in her later years. To read more stories from Draycott Homeshare clients, click here.

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Homeshre Congress 2017

Doreen and Anouk

Credit: photos by Adrian Juan Duran

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