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Frequently Asked Questions

No two medical situations or clients are the same.

Naturally we are used to the phone ringing and questions being asked which is why we have listed some of the most common enquiries and provided our fact sheets for your information.

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Will I always see the same Draycott nurse or carer?

I'm worried about security.

How much does a Draycott nurse or carer cost?

What sort of medical cases do you care for?

Can you help support independent living for the elderly?

How does your presence affect the relationship with doctors?

Can you help with temporary problems?

What about looking after elderly mentally infirm cases?

Can you provide respite for family carers?

How do you cope with a medical emergency?

We hope that this has answered some of your questions, but if you have any queries or additional questions please contact us if you need any more information.

My mother felt safe and happy, and she described your carers as variously: delightful, intelligent, interesting, thoughtful, kind and very helpful...” Mrs F