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Nurse and Carer Training

The pace of change in every aspect of the medical world is astonishing. At Draycott Nursing and Care we run an intensive and ongoing professional development training programme with a schedule of general and specialist courses.

One statistic illustrates the pace of change better than any other:

Between 1980 and 2005 life expectancy at age 65 in the United Kingdom increased by 3.7 years for males and 2.5 years for females. Today, a 65 year old man can now expect to live until 81 years old; and a 65 year old woman can expect to live until 84. The younger generations are expected to live even longer. A boy born today is expected to live for 89 years and a girl may expect to live until 92. In 2030 a boy will expect to live to 91 and a girl to 95. Healthy life expectancy has not, however, increased as fast, resulting in greater demands on care and public services such as the NHS.

It is important that medical professionals, whichever sector of healthcare they work in, keep up to date with the latest techniques and thinking. That's why we provide an ongoing training programme for staff, under the leadership of a full-time Nurse Tutor, something we believe is unique in a home nursing and caring agency.

The Commission for Social Care Inspection commends our training as exceeding the national average.

These courses may be run externally or internally.

We believe we are unique in our field because we employ a full-time Nurse Tutor.”